How to Delete TikTok Video

If you want to delete TikTok video from the account after posting, then here is the easy guide for you.

Creating a new video and Deleting the existing TikTok videos are both a part of TikTok Videos. If you want to show your talent to the masses, then you need to create your TikTok videos and publish them on the TikTok app. And just the opposite thing for removing your content, you need to know how to delete your TikTok videos.

But now the question arises as to how to delete TikTok videos faster that you don’t need any longer? If you are interested in knowing the way to delete one, then you should continue with the article and get to know the procedure of deleting your TikTok Video.

So let’s focus on just one, i.e. how to remove TikTok video easily using your mobile phone. Let’s get started.

What is a TikTok Video?

TikTok video is just like any other video which is created using TikTok Official Video. Here the content creators take help of all those features which are present in the TikTok app. These features are mainly developed in order to help the TikTokers create beautiful content.

So yes, TikTok videos give a chance to its users to showcase their talent on their platform. Going forward, we will be learning more about how to delete tiktok uploaded videos.

How to Delete a TikTok Video

Since you have already decided to delete Tik Tok video after posting. Let’s discuss how can I delete my TikTok video.

How to Delete TikTok Video

1. First, you have to open your TikTok app and log into your account.

2. Then you need to open that Video which you want to delete.

3. Select the arrow icon (Three Dots) which is present at the bottom right of the screen.

4. One found you have to scroll the options until you find the Delete option (Trash icon 🗑️).

5. Then in order to delete the Video, select the Delete icon.

6. Lastly, you have to confirm your choice.

7. And your desired Video is deleted from the TikTok platform permanently.

Why Delete Your TikTok Videos?

If you have decided to delete your TikTok videos, then there must be some reason behind it. So let’s discuss all the possible reason which leads to the deletion of your TikTok videos.

1. It may be due to privacy reasons

Many times it so happens that by mistake we upload the wrong Video which has some of our private clips. So in order to remove it, we need to delete those videos.

2. It’s due to vulgar content that doesn’t follow the TikTok guidelines

If someone uploads vulgar content on his/her TikTok account and other users report about it, then he/she has to remove or delete these types of contents.

3. For creating more better-edited videos

In the beginning, TikTokers have very little knowledge about using the features available on the platform, so the quality of videos degrades.

But with time they used to learn using them all and so they want to delete the old ones and upload new better ones in place of that.

4. Repetition of the same type of content

If there is the repetition of the same type of videos, then there is a need to delete one of them. In such a case, users have to delete their existing content from the platform.

How to Delete all Tik Tok Videos?

If you want to know how to delete Tik Tok videos at once, then I must clearly say that presently there is no such bulk delete option present on the TikTok official app. So this is a piece of bad news for those who are searching to delete all their videos on TikTok.

In such a case you have only one option present now i.e. you need to delete each and every Video individually so if you’re housekeeping, you’re going to need to do this for every Video you want to remove.

How to Restore Your Deleted TikTok Videos?

If you want to restore your deleted TikTok videos, then I have one way using which you can be able to restore or recover your deleted videos.

It’s not a way that is available on the TikTok official app. But yes, you can use third-party apps that can help you in recovering a deleted TikTok video.

You can search for the best TikTok video recovery apps over the internet.


It’s all which I have to offer in this post today. Till now you must have gained the knowledge as to “How to delete TikTok Video”. Just by following the steps which I have mentioned above, a user can easily delete Tik Tok videos fast from the app itself.

If you think you know some other ways to delete your TikTok videos, then please comment about it below. We will definitely try to add it to our article. If you really like our article, then please share it on other social platforms also and please subscribe to our blog for more such amazing articles.

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