What is TikTok Email

Do you want to contact the TikTok team for various purposes and need the TikTok support email address, then here it is.

If you are also using TikTok like me, then chances are there that at some point in time, there is a need for TikTok email for every other user. Whether you are a new user or an experienced one, it really doesn’t matter. So now, the question arises what exactly is the TikTok support email and how to find one?

Here in this article, we will be discussing the ways as to how you can contact the TikTok support team through their TikTok Email and TikTok contact number. Again you guys will get to know about the various kind of TikTok’s Email and when to use them. And much more information which are relevant in this context.

So if you want the relevant and valuable information regarding “what is TikTok email and support phone number,” then you will be liked today’s article.

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What is TikTok Support Email

tiktok support email address

TikTok’s Email is actually its support email, which can be used by anyone to contact the support team of the TikTok Platform.

Like every other platform, TikTok does have an official email of its own, which can be contacted in the time of need or to clarify your doubts.

But very few individuals actually know about the different types of TikTok email. So we will be discussing them in detail going forward.

Different Types of TikTok Email Address

There are mainly four different types of TikTok emails present officially. All these emails are for various purposes. And you can use them based on the requirement.

The different types of TikTok email are –

  1. Business Inquiries
  2. Advertisement Inquires
  3. Advertisement Complaint
  4. Press Inquiries

The creators of the app have made multiple email addresses for different locations and types of information.

We will be discussing these TikTok emails individually so that you can get a thorough and clear idea about everyone. Upon understanding the actual use of these each type, you will be able to use them accordingly.

1. TikTok Business Inquiries Email

From the name itself, you can easily guess that these business inquiries Email are mainly for the business kind of purpose.

If you are some kind of internet marketer or online influencer and want to contact for any kind of business inquiries, then you can surely do it via one of the available business inquiry emails.

TikTok Business Inquiries Email for Different Regions

In order to ease the process of businesses, TikTok has specified different email addresses for all regions.

As of now, TikTok has separate contact addresses for users who are living in the US, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Based on your reason, you can contact them through an email. The best thing is the support team can accept your Email that to in your native language as well. This actually helps the inquirer to explain their need in their own native language.


If you are currently living in the United States and want to contact the support team for some business inquiries, then you can use the below-mentioned email address.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]

Upon contacting the support team may take some time to respond. So you need to have some patience for that.


For the European users, you can use the following Email for that.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]

Please write your Email precisely and to the point so that it would be easy for the support team to understand it.


For Latin American users, you can use the following email address.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]

It’s better if you use the English language for contacting support as its not clear whether Spanish or Portuguese are supported or not.


For Japanese users, you can use the following email address.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]


For the Korean users, you can use the following email address.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]

The good news for Korean users is that they have access to full TikTok support in their native language.


For the Southeast Asian Users, you can use the following email address.

TikTok support email address: [email protected]

Southeast Asian Users have full TikTok support in their native language i.e. Indonesian and Vietnamese.

2. TikTok Advertisement Inquires Email

For all kinds of advertising related inquires, there is a unique email address available.

You can ask your questions to [email protected], and the support team will contact you with the answers only after validating your queries related to the advertisement.

3. TikTok Advertisement Complaints Email

If you have an ongoing advertisement campaign on their platform and you wish that your queries should be addressed then you can send your Email with questions to ad review- [email protected].

I can assure you that the support team at TikTok will soon be coming for your rescue.

4. TikTok Press Inquiries Email

For any kind of work-related to the press, you can directly contact the support team.

You can ask your question on this Email: [email protected]om

Once you have asked your query, you need to wait for some time as due to high traffic, there may happen some kind of delay also.

What is the TikTok Support Phone Number?

You must be wondering to know what exactly TikTok support phone number is? If your answer is yes, then you are at the exact place to know the correct answer.

It’s quite reasonable for any platform that they should have a contact support number. As have so many users in the database its quite natural to have queries regarding the platform.

Does TikTok have a Phone number?

No, TikTok does not have a phone number like other platforms. If you really want to contact the support team, then you can do it through Email only. About this Email we have already discussed above, you can refer to it to get the correct information.

Can User Contact TikTok through Facebook?

No Users cannot contact TikTok directly through the Facebook platform. But yes, if you comment on their post, then chances are there you will definitely get a response from their side. Again you can always contact the support team by the correct Email.

What do you think?

Now that I have provided you the information regarding TikTok email and support number. Its time that you apply them wisely.

If you think you know some relevant information related to TikTok support Email that I didn’t cover here, then please comment on it below. We will definitely try to add it to our article.

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